Hey everyone,

Today’s post will be about my dream trip to Thailand back in February 2017.

First things first, I it was the best country I ever traveled to in my entire life so far.


By the end of December I said to myself “okey, it’s now. It’s now or never that I am buying those tickets” and so I did. The hardest part was paying 400£ for a ticket, but once you are there it’s totally worth it. And if you think about it that means I spent 100£ London-Abu dhabi + 100£ Abu Dhabi-Phuket. And then +100£ Bangkok-Abu Dhabi and finally +100£ Abu Dhabi-London. The journey took us 16h but #ethihad airways took good care of us.

The journey started in February for two weeks. Yes, two weeks & it wasn’t enough. We landed at Phuket Airport and as soon as we left the airport we felt instantly boiled. (No joking xD!) It was around 7pm and was very very hot and humid!

It was time to head to the hotel. It was an hour away from the airport by taxi. We took the first one we saw as we were too tired to look around and deal with prices. They charged us 800 baht. I know they overcharged us, especially, after being more conscious about prices in Thailand. 


First stop…


Our Hotel – Patong Cottage Resort was in a hill so we had an amazing view! I was so delighted….. The room was big and beautiful, the swimming pool, the hotel’s food!! Everything! We stayed at the hotel no longer than a hour, just to drop ours bags and relax a little and we headed to a Muay Tay fight and so began our adventure in Thailand!

Starting by taking a songthaew (typical transport in Thailand) and ending the night with VIP tickets at the Patong Boxing Stadium Sainamyen. Pretty dope for a first night!

The next day was to explore the city and relax! After breakfast, we went to the beach and so, for the first time I saw the beautiful longtail boats – I was in love.

Pretty nice vibe at the beach, drinking a fresh coconut with not a lot of people bothering you. After finding a nice bar, drinking a few cocktails, we were on our way to  zorbing. Really fun experience, but the best part was the satay chicken that we found on the way. The best and cheapest street food I ever had – where locals eat. The price was 15 baht that means 0.30p? for a stick of chicken with yummy hot sauce!!!

The rest of the days at Patong Beach were spent drinking, eating and relaxing!

My opinion about Patong Beach?

PRICES: $$/$$$$$ not so overpriced. even for a very touristic area, it was still cheap

FOOD: 5/5 just for that fried chicken I had, it killed everything!

HOTEL: $$/$$$$$ Patong Cottage Resort | 4/5 – Reception needs a little bit of work, as it gives the first impression of it. Despite that, the swimming pool was amazing, big rooms with balcony, good breakfast, nice garden, good location, free shuttle to the beach/city and back 

THINGS TO DO: 5/5 there’s plenty of stuff. Check tripadvisor for inspiration.

LANDSCAPES: 4/5 When I got there, everything was beautiful to me because it was really different then what I am used to seeing everyday

AVOID:  Bangla Road – I didn’t enjoy Bangla Road that much. We went at night time, it was overcrowded. Hard to walk and enjoy. I was always worried about my belongings.


Second stop….

Coral Island

Thailand is very easy to get around by taxi. The problem is – as soon as they see you are a tourist and it’s your first time in Thailand, they’re gonna overcharge you. It’s still not a big deal, but you are actually paying more for something that is probably half price. By avoiding that, always ask the driver if he’s got the meter on.

We needed to get to Chalong Pier so we could take a speed boat to get to Coral Island. While we were waiting for the boat we decided to have lunch in such a beautiful warm sunny day and all of the sudden it started to RAIN, but I mean like a lotttt, like a big storm was coming. I was actually so nervous thinking about going on this boat with that weather. Lol Thankfully it chilled down and we were able to take the speed boat to this island taking us less then 20mts. Life lesson: When it rains in these countries, it proper rains!! 

On arrival, we did not see any pier. And we were thinking where the hell is this boat going to stop?!It was a “pier” made of empty bottles floating on the water!! Lool Oh-my-gosh

Despite this funny detail, the island was extremely amazing. There’s only one resort in this island and that was the main reason I wanted to stay here. So private and beautiful. What also makes it so special is there’s no electricity from 12 to 5pm as they have to generate energy for the night.

My opinion about Coral Island?

PRICES: $$$$$/$$$$$ It’s extremely expensive for Thailand. But you have to understand that there’s nothing else apart from the resort on this island, so everything like food, alchool, etc etc needs to come by boat

FOOD: 2/5 The price we paid for quality wasn’t worth it.

HOTEL: $$$$/$$$$$ Coral Island Resort | 4/5 The bungalows are worth it

THINGS TO DO: 1/5 Day time – you can do scuba diving and the island gets alive. Also enjoy the beach and the pool. Night time was extremely dead. Nothing to do, at least in that period. I would say one night at this resort is more than enough just to escape the busy Thailand and appreciate its beauty.

LANDSCAPES: 5/5 Beautiful shoots at the island. If you want nice pictures, you can have it here. The island is paradise. They got this exotic bird called horn bill bird & when I saw it, that made my day.

AVOID: Spending too much money here. If I would come back again, I would definitely take some alchool & groceries or make my own sandwiches;     Staying too long.


Third Stop….




Phuket town is the main city of Phuket island. It’s perfect to see the real thai culture and temples. Two days in the city is enough to have an understanding of that.

We visited plenty of temples such as WAT KHAO RANG,  JUI TUI SHRINE and Old town. At phuket old town you will see very colorful buildings, nice corner cafes, small little shops selling antiques, canvas and clothing shops.

Before our next destination we had a Thai Massage for 1 hour and relaxed our muscles.

My opinion about Phuket Town?

PRICES: $/$$$$$ The food was cheap, so were transports 

FOOD: 3/5 We found an ice cream shop close to a temple and they had such a big diversity of ice cream flavours, including bread ice cream. I tried the bamboo ice cream and it was delicious.


HOTEL: $/$$$$$ Sleep at Phuket 5/5 The price we paid for the hotel quality was very good. It’s nice, simple and clean. Really good location – Specially if you have to take a ferry the next day at Sea Angel Pier. Perfect hotel to explore the city and just sleep.

THINGS TO DO: 3/5 Visit the temples and old town. 

LANDSCAPES: 3/5 It’s a city. So it’s not like a typical thai picture that you see on google with longtail boats and turquoise water. I really enjoyed the WAT KHAO RANG temple though.

AVOID: Staying too long;


Fourth stop….


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Getting to Phi phi island was pretty quick from phuket. We departed from Sea Angel Pier and we arrived at Tonsai Pier in Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island is where I got the best memories from this trip. As the ferry was arriving in Phi Phi I was amazed with the beauty of this island. All you see is palm trees everywhere and boats. It’s a very small island with tiny streets along business shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, tattoo studios. It’s like a little world inside this world, full of people of different cultures where everyone is happy and everyone is just having a good time. 

There are no cars on the island – many people walk by foot. 

We booked a tour to Maya Bay, where the movie “the beach” was filmed with Leonardo Dicaprio. I’m so happy that with booked our tour with Mote Boat. Book through facebook. The best guide we could ever had for this tour! He picks you up in his boat in the morning, and you spend all day with him on the sea, swimming with sharks and turtles, scuba diving, visiting the best stops like the lagoon, the viking cave, monkey beach, and Maya bay. He also brings you lunch and stops at a private beach so you can eat with the best view ever! The good thing about this tour is that Mote has a Go Pro Camera, so he will make sure you have all your best moments captured for later!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Another thing to do? Phi Phi View point. This place is the escape route in case of tsunami. It’s the highest part of Phi Phi and from there you have the best view you will ever see in your life. I recommend going by the end of the day and enjoy the sunset. Be ready to hike a lot until the top

My opinion about Phi Phi Island?

PRICE: $$$/$$$$$ I believe many years ago this was a cheap place, but because it became so popular, some places were a bit pricy. I was trying to buy a ponytail, because it was very hot, and the guy was asking me 2£. ?!?! After negotiation I bough it for 1£ You can certainly get a bargain though, if you are a good dealer and have a passion for that.

FOOD: 5/5 Everywhere I was, I always had really good and tasty food. Worth the price. Drinks were very cheap – it’s a party island so I guess drinks became cheap.

HOTEL: $/$$$$$ PP Ingphu View Point | 4.5/5 I absolutely loved the location and the hotel. The staff was really friendly and helpful. It was very cheap, had a swimming pool and monkeys ^.^ 

THINGS TO DO: 5/5 Lots of boat tours, competitions, fire dances, bars… Best spot for fun!

LANDSCAPES: 5/5 Everywhere is beautiful, surrounded with happy people, palm trees and longtail boats. What else do you need?

AVOID: Nothing to say about it


Fifth stop…



Getting here took us a full day from Phi Phi Island. We left Phi Phi in the morning and we took a ferry to Krabi; from krabi we took 2 buses to Surat Thani Pier and finally from here to Koh Samui, Nathon Pier. Plus + 45mts drive to the hotel. 

I stayed on the east upper side of the island at Bayoke SeaCoast Resort and the reason I did was because I had to catch a ferry to Koh Tao a few days later at Bangrak Pier. What I am trying to say is when you book hotels you have to make sure they have a good location and if they are close to what you are doing, specially the day you are leaving your hotel. 

I had the best time in Koh Samui! We explored so much, we were living like rich people here! I never stayed in a place like this in my whole life. It was a resort, but you could rent your own “house” and that’s what we did. When we arrived, we were treated very well by their staff. They drop you in your room by Golf Cart. We were amazed already, but as we open the door we were literally speechless. It had a big living room with a massive bathroom, a huge bedroom .. everything so well decorated. I swear I could live there forever. We had our own private swimming pool and the infinity pool from the resort. The resort had a proper thai architecture which was another reason I wanted to stay here! 


The following day we decided to do a private tour. It’s quite a big island to get around by foot and I believe getting here and there by taxi would be much more expensive than the tour. 

We had an amazing guide, M from FeelTravel Samui, he explained us everything and had a lot of knowledge about the island and the culture; Very helpful, brought us water and bought us food, and always gave us the space and time we needed, never in a hurry. 

I would recommend booking a private tour with them around best spots in Koh Samui!

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My opinion about Koh Samui?

PRICE: $$$/$$$$$ 

FOOD: 5/5 Very good food.

HOTEL: $$$$/$$$$$ It was an expensive Hotel for Thailand, but was the best! I’m sure this hotel in another country like the Bahamas or Hawaii, you would pay double or even triple price! | 5/5 Comfort was on fleek here. 

THINGS TO DO: Plenty!!! Visit as many temples as you can here. For me, Koh Samui had the best temples from whole Thailand. Big Buddha Temple; Plai Leam Temple; The Mummified Monk; The Grandfather and grandmother rocks, Coconut farm, Elephant trekking, Namuang Waterfall, Tiger Zoo, Snake Farm, Chaweng Beach, Night Markets? You choose.

LANDSCAPES: 5/5 Temples, beaches and nature were the best for me.

AVOID: South coast of Koh Samui Island. South Coast is tourist dead area as the sea is a bit rough here.


Sixth stop…



I call it paradise on earth! Since the day I saw on those inspiring pages on facebook a picture of Koh Tao, I said to myself I need to come here one day., but I never believed I would do so! If you want to relax, but also have fun this is the place to be. I love Koh Tao so much. 


This is Ko Nang Yuan.. A little island very close to Koh Tao, you can easily get there by taxi boat. Your hotel should be able to arrange that for you. The picture speaks for itself….

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I’ve had a tattoo done while in Koh Tao so I could remember this place forever. ♥ Like it?

My opinion about Koh Tao?

PRICE: $$/$$$$$ 

FOOD: 5/5 

HOTEL: $$/$$$$$ Koh Tao Royal Resort| 3/5 It was just right there at the beach. But no wifi in the rooms. Next time I would stay closer to Sairee Beach and in a hotel with a swimming pool.

THINGS TO DO: Scuba Diving, Ko Nang Yuan Viewpoint, Pirate Bay, Have a good time.

LANDSCAPES: 5/5 The island so beautiful, everyone clapped when the sun set at the beach one night. 

AVOID: Nothing to say. 


Seventh stop…


and last…


The trip was about to come to an end. But we still had to get to Bangkok from Koh Tao. And that was the trickiest part that gave me a lot of headache!

We found a way and the easiest and quickest way to get there was by plane. So we had to come back to Thailand mainland by ferry again and from there we took a plane to Bangkok with NOK AIR AIRWAYS. Although it wasn’t the cheapest way, it was the quickest and we made it! 

Bangkok is a nice place for shopping, sky high buildings, and backpackers. The problem of Bangkok is its traffic and their tourist scams. We had a taxi driver that tried to scam us with some boat tour deals, saying to us that the roads of The Grand Palace were closed and we needed to take a boat. So you have to be careful and not believe in everything they say.


I only realized how cheap Thailand was in Bangkok, when I paid not even half of what I used to for a taxi . Everything is cheaper here…Shopping, food, clothes.

My opinion about Bangkok?

PRICE: $/$$$$$$ Its the cheapest place in whole Thailand! If you are willing to have a good time drinking, eating and do some shopping in a budget, you are in the right place!

Food: 5/5 It’s cheap as noodles soup for 0.15p and very tasty! In Bangkok you can find those weird snacks like scorpions and tarantulas in case you are curious to try! Or you can always go fancy.

HOTEL: $$$/$$$$$ | 5/5 Amara Bangkok Hotel – If you are looking for luxury in a building with infinity pool with a view to a skyline, well, you are in the right place!


THINGS TO DO: Wat Arun Temple; Khao San Road; The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Floating Market, Unicorn Cafe.


LANDSCAPES: 3/5 Bangkok is a dirty & busy city. Beautiful temples by the way, but it’s not a place to relax. The distances between things are huge and traffic is ridiculous. There’s a big contrast between rich and poor here. 

AVOID: Staying too long; Tourist Scams;

That was my itinerary to Thailand. I wish I had the chance to stay there longer as they were many more places I wanted to visit, including Chiang Mai and Railay Beach.

I loved Thailand so much that everyday I think about going back, I learned so much, their culture, and even learned how to say a few words in Thai!

My favorite places were Phi Phi Island and Koh Tao and if I ever go back that’s where I am staying! ♥

I hope you liked my post,and if you did, make sure you give it a star and share it so that I know you enjoyed my post and keep me motivated to write more about my trips!

Is there any question you would like to ask me? Have you been to Thailand? Comment bellow, pls

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