Hello babes,

I just got back from my trip to Cork, Ireland. It was a last minute decision to go there  because my partner got an opportunity  to work there for 10 days and I though.. Well if not now, when will I ever get the chance to visit Ireland? So I did. On my days off I went to Cork City arriving on Monday at 8 o’clock morning and leaving on Wednesday early morning.

The first day was pretty much just relaxing at the beautiful The Montenotte Hotel and by the end of the day we went to city centre and explore the high street, the riverside while appreciating the beauty of all those colourful buildings ending up our day at a nice Irish pub.

The following day we woke up early and we headed to the Tara’s Tea Room for breakfast. Super cute vintage looking café and friendly staff. Go check it! After that, my boyfriend convinced me on going to the Blarney Castle and I was actually very surprised about it. Very good way to spend the day! (entrace 15EURO/adult) As we got there (by bus 215) we could hear from the beginning the sound of the Bagpipes. How beautiful it was – being surrounded by nature with a nice castle and listening the whistles of this Irish Man. I felt like I was in another world for couple moments. The garden its beautiful itself, it has waterfalls, a little river, bridges, a posion garden, a lake and of course the castle.


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