First blog / presenting myself

Hello babes, ♥

This is my first post, so I would like to present myself.

My name is Yara, I was born in 1995 and I’m from Portugal (Azores islands). I currently live in London and we have a love/hate relationship. I came to UK in 2013 due to crisis in Portugal. I really hope I can get back to my beautiful country anytime soon.

One of my favorite thing to do its to spend money on clothes because I love to look myself in the mirror with new outfits and makes me a confident person! I’m currently work in Fashion Retail in London, which helped getting a lot of knowledge and access to the most powerful brands in the world, such as Calvin Klein, Moschino, All saints, Religion, Dior, Missguided… From the biggest to the smallest, it feels great to work with all of them. But I am not satisfied !

As I am growing I realize I waste so much time working so I can pay all my bills, buy my food, clothes, have a social life, travel and “save”.
It’s hard to have spare time to just relax and write on the blog as most of the time I am so tired and sleepy. (adult life sucks!)
But I am trying to change that! From now on I am gonna try to blog more and travel more and do what makes me really happy!

It gives me a lot of pleasure planning my next trips and being helpful to another people, advising them what to do and what to avoid.
I visited 16 counties (Portugal, England, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, UAE and Thailand.)  I wish I could visit more if work would allow me to.
There’s so much to see, explore and learn all around the world. I get very excitied to make good memories! .. Specially with my partener, we love to travel together and it makes us everytime closer to each other. He also has a portuguese youtube channel, check him out.

About the domain name…

In the past, I had a blog with, but all the editing process was so complicate that made me feel like losing my passion about posting. Instead, I am gonna give a try using
The reason I named my blog WASTEDINSIDE, its because when I created the blog few years ago, I was in such a bad period of my life, really down and mentally sick. Thankfully, things changed! But I am gonna continue using it because if one day I get the chance to create my own brand I would like to call it WASTEDINSIDE. I think it’s dope.

If you wish to know something else about me, please comment bellow ♥


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